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Our new project is coming on New Rajendra Nagar, Raipur with World class Eye care facility shortly.

Orbit & Oculoplasty

Orbit, Oculoplasty and Oncology, a distinct subspecialty handles anomalies of lids, lacrimal system, extra ocular structures, bony orbit and other ocular adnexa. The department focuses on evaluation, diagnosis and management of orbital and adnexal disorders. 

This department is headed by Dr. Dinesh Shrey. He has done his master in Ophthalmology from AIIMS (New Delhi) and has done his fellowship in orbit & occuloplasty from UK. 

We would be happy to offer services like :

  • Lid surgeries: Tumour, Lid reconstruction and repair, ptosis.
  • Lacrimal surgeries : Conjunctival DCR / intubation (for failure cases / trauma ) punctoplasty for conalicular obstructions.
  • Orbital surgeries: Proptosis, orbital tumour removal, orbital floor fracture repair.
  • Contracted socket repair , Evisaration and enucleation with implants, custom made eye prosthesis.