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Headache related to eye Diseases

  • Refractive errors
  • Muscle Imbalnce : If it is marked it may cause squint but if it is not so much it may cause :
    • Latent Squint: In this condition eye remains straight in normal gaze but gets squinted on strain and tiredness. Squint is seen on covering one eye - the covered eye becomes squinted. Actually the imbalance in this case is not so much to cause obvious squint . Eye muscles tries to maintain binocular vision. This causes strain and headache. Mostly it is due to refractive error and correction may give relief from headache.
    • Convergence insufficiency: Normally both eye go inside for near work . This is known as convergence. Due to muscle weakness or refractive errors sometimes they fail to come together for near work causing strain and headache on near work. Correction of refractive errors and convergence exercises may give relief.
  • Eye diseases causing headache:
    • Acute congestive glaucoma: In angle closure glaucoma if there is sudden rise of Intraocular pressure the patient expirience severe pain in eyes along with headache and nausea and vomiting. This is known as acute congestive glaucoma.
    • Lens Induced glaucoma
    • Acute Uveitis
    • Etc